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Following are testimonials from satisfied customers of Reverse Mortgage Crowds and it's parent company, Seminar Crowds! Inc.


"Ed Waldman and the entire team at Reverse Mortgage Crowds have played a vital part in the success of my Reverse Mortgage seminars over the past year. The guidance and support that I received from Ed, Tanner, and Jordan is second to none. The success that my partner and I have shared by holding educational seminars has catapulted our business to the next level. On Jan 1 2015 we took the next step in our careers and started a Reverse Mortgage division of Bayshore Mortgage Lending. Simply put, holding Reverse Mortgage seminars with the help and guidance of Seminar Crowds has opened up doors for our careers that otherwise might not have presented themselves. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Ed and his team for a long time to come. I encourage you to visit our Reverse Mortgage seminars Facebook page to see pictures from our seminars and industry updates."

Steven J. Sless
Managing Partner
Bayshore Mortgage Lending



"Ed Waldman has provided detailed guidance & accurate demographics for our production of a number of reverse mortgage workshops. Ed's service, which includes rsvp handling and documentation, helps us save our energy for presenting the workshop then following up with the clients effectively. Ed's experience & expertise are really valuable, insuring that dollars spent to put on a workshop generates a huge return on investment. I have enjoyed working with Ed and look forward to working with him on our next workshop next month!"

Scott Harmes



"We have been using Reverse Mortgage Crowds for around 7 years now, providing the Reverse Mortgage Seminar post card and mailing to senior home owners who might be interested in the HECM Reverse Mortgage. Reverse Mortgage Crowds has been reliable, considerate and professional in this endeavor. We have recommended Reverse Mortgage Crowds to others for the same service and they have been well pleased as well. We do recommend Reverse Mortgage Crowds for the Seminar Post Card mailings."

Linda Hansen, NMLS # 271522, LMB # 100015831



"I contacted Ed thru a recommendation from a colleague of mine. I was interested in conducting Reverse Mortgage seminars in Colorado. Ed, not only, was able to provide me the necessary marketing materials and accurate prospect list, he was an excellent coach on aspects of this form of marketing that I hadnít considered. His input was very valuable and I am sure contributed to the success of my seminars. I highly recommend Ed and his team of professionals. Their attention to detail was much appreciated. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Ed Waldman."

Duane Hahn



"As the founder of Reverse Mortgage Success, I owe it to my members to only recommend services and products that deliver as promised. I can say without a doubt that Ed and the gang at Reverse Mortgage Crowds go out of their way to find out what the client is looking for and deliver just that. They are a true partner to the reverse mortgage originator and will coach and support as needed and are always looking for the cutting edge piece that will make the mailing or seminar campaign sing."

Sue Haviland,
CSA Reverse Mortgage Success
Baltimore, MD



"Just a short note to share our experience with Reverse Mortgage Crowds mailers. I have been originating reverse mortgages for over 4 years. Iíve used radio, TV and print ads. From the start your mailers have been very effective. I will admit I thought they would fizzle out after 6 to 9 months but after 15 months they are by far the most effective and consistent leads we have. Your mailers have been the corner stone of this division. Looking forward to a fantastic 2009. I would also like to commend you and your staff on outstanding service.

Thanks for everything.

You guys are the best!"

Salvatore Taormina
Vice President Reverse Mortgage Division
Geneva Mortgage



"We have used Reverse Mortgage Crowds services many times. We have also used another more expensive service. Reverse Mortgage Crowds large post cards have generated more serious clients with a much higher conversion rate than the other services we have used. Ed and his team are easy to work with and provide an excellent level of service. I would highly recommend Ed Waldman at Reverse Mortgage Crowds."

Laurie A Moore
Sr. Loan Officer Certified Mortgage Planner
Guarantee Mortgage Corp.



"Over the last 12 months, we have promoted over 120 Reverse Mortgage seminars using Reverse Mortgage Crowds. postcard mailers. We are so pleased with the results that we have stopped using print advertising. The price and service that Reverse Mortgage Crowds provides is outstanding. Edward Waldman at Reverse Mortgage Crowds is very helpful and is definitely a reason this type of marketing campaign works.”

Earl Leonhardt, Sun Valley Financial




"Thanks so very much to Ed and his supportive crew for another successful round of seminars. Once again, Reverse Mortgage Crowds has delivered exactly what we needed to promote and educate about reverse mortgages in our area. All services provided by you have been at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. We have found our data to be very accurate and true to the market in which we were hoping to appeal. The eye-catching mail piece sent to the recipients is prompting great results. RMC has really gone above and beyond what is necessary to maintain and ensure our future mailings. Thank you for your time, patience and efforts."

Amanda Davis
Branch Operations, 1st Metropolitan Mortgage




"I have used other direct mail companies over the years and have found Seminar Crowds to not only be the most cost efficient but the most effective.  We always have a room full of people at every seminar.  I can't tell you how much that helps our business.  We have never had any problems with the cards getting to our demographic target on a timely basis. I feel that anyone using direct mail to fill there seminars should be using seminar crowds.  My account representative is so helpful in every aspect of the process.  I find that her follow-up and attention to detail is excellent." 

Craig Randall, CA



"After having invested over $25,000 in various seminar related systems and marketing strategies, I found that most were relying on outdated methods that no longer worked in the highly competitive areas where I do business. After struggling through a number of high cost seminars with only 12-18 people in attendance, I was ready to give up on seminars completely.

Before throwing in the towel, I decided to try a postcard mailing using the simple logic provided by the seminarcrowds team. The results were immediate, phenomenal and I was able to consistently reproduce the results anytime with two phone calls, one to the restaurant and one to seminar crowds. Our  attendance in 2005 has not fallen below 100 attendees per seminar and my firm has went from generating $250,000 per year to $250,000 per quarter, primarily due to getting our numbers up – thanks seminarcrowds for your help."

Steve H., AZ



"Seminar Crowds has now mailed for six of my seminars.  Everything has been completely smooth and I have gotten between a 1.2 and 3.0% response.  My income from new business has been higher this year than in any other year.  I attribute that to the professionals at Seminar Crowds.  Thank you all."

Peter O., WA



"I have used other mail houses and their mailer and haven't gotten the response that Seminar Crowds has gotten me.  The price, service, and quality of attendees is what keeps me coming back for the past year and a half.  It is truly a turnkey operation. Thank you!"

Chris H., CA



"I have used two other well known direct mail companies in the past. The difference between those companies and Seminar Crowds is that Seminar Crowds costs half as much and has provided me with twice the results. I have less less follow up with Seminar Crowds and less concerns about my mailings being handled properly.

Seminar Crowds has always responded quickly and has also exhibited a high degree of professionalism. No other company has ever brought me such great ideas and helpful knowledge. Recently the company sent me a 60 minute CD by Craig Randall which has helped me increase my appointment ratio from 35% to 78%. The interesting thing is that I was happy with 35% since most advisors do not even set appointments at their seminar and wait to make appointments the next day. You can imagine how I felt when Seminar Crowds sent me the information on this CD which I immediately implemented with such astounding results."

Rick T., OR



"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of my last mailing. We had 124 attendees out of 7000 cards or 1.77%. This does not include 3 others who mysteriously disappeared during the presentation and two more who never entered the dining room when they learned the evening would last 1 ¾-2 hours. Post cards continue to be the most effective way to market a seminar program and Seminar Crowds! Inc. has the execution system to get it done right!"

Marty G., PA



"This mailer is great! I have never had such a wonderful response. I have used every mail shop out there. You beat them all and the price is great as well. I will use you every time!


Chris F., WV



"I do not know what makes Seminar Crowds work so well. I only know that last year I spent twice the amount with other companies and received half the results. Seminar Crowds is everything they said they would be and more. I really did not expect to fill the room on the first day the cards hit peoples homes. That is unbelievable. When I called people to tell them how successful your program is they would not believe me! I was not surprised as I didn't believe it myself.

Seminar Crowds is the best and we will be doing a lot of mailings in the future. Thank You for being a resource we can count on."

Tim S., NV



"Thanks to you and all of your colleagues at Seminar Crowds for my successful seminar.  I had over a 2% response to my mail out.  That's right, Seminar Crowds mailed 3,000 invitations and I had 62 people to attend my dinner.  I especially liked the way "fill the room" handled all calls and the follow up emails to me. Thanks again!"

Jim J., MS



"I've been advertising for seminars in everyway over the last four years. Having tried every variation with reasonable success but great expense.  Then I heard about Seminar Crowds postcards.  The first time I tried it I doubled attendance over all of my previous seminars at much less cost.  Thanks for a great program.

Bruce C., OK



"Our company just got into the seminar business and things are going extremely well, thanks in part to Seminar Crowds.  They have guided us through some very unfamiliar territory and we got the end results we were looking for:  a great mail-piece, friendly and helpful support, and rooms full of people!  We are genuinely grateful for the proficient and knowledgeable service the people at Seminar Crowds has given us.”

Greg S., CA



    "My first seminar mailing with Seminar Crowds had fantastic results, over 100 attendees and counting. The staff at Seminar Crowds has been courteous and professional. I recommend Seminar Crowds to any agent considering doing seminars."

 John B., PA



"I want to take this opportunity to thank Seminar Crowds for their professional assistance in sending out my first mailers last January. I had a 2% return on a 5500 mailing. That filled up three workshops with an overflow for a fourth. Several years ago my partner and I used another major mailing company, paid almost twice as much , and received very similar results. In a time when competition is fierce it is essential to keep expenses in check as long as it doesn't affect your business' professionalism. In addition to receiving great prices the people are very friendly and make you feel like family. Thanks again for every thing."

Robert M., Florida



"All I did was follow to the letter Craig's system and I now have more appointments than I ever dreamed possible.

    I started by mailing 15,000 mailers with Seminar Crowds and received over 200 reservations!

    I had to expand from 2 to 5 seminars of about 40 each. I started out with a 66% appointment ratio at the very first seminar, I then got 70%, 75%, 80%, and 80% respectively at the next four!"

Jeff D., MO



"To say I am pleasantly surprised would be an understatement! I have tried just about every method of seminar lead generation out there. Newspaper ads (pathetic response), Telemarketing company invites (Outrageously expensive and won't reach the do not call list people), Wedding Style Invitation ( Expensive and underperforming and over used), and other postcards (The Glossy ones), and no one has come close to achieving the results that your cards have given me.

The ability to at any time get a real-time listing of attendees is invaluable. I was most pleased also with the fact that you mailed the cards out when you said you would and the people received the cards in a timely fashion. If I had a nickel for all the promises other companies have given me only for me to find out the hard way that invitations didn't get out when they should, I would not have to work anymore.

Well, I just did 6 seminars last week (3 lunch and 3 dinner) and even did a series on Friday and each one had attendance of over 40 people. That is at least 40 people who actually showed up and most said they came because the card mentioned topics they were interested in.  There were a few plate lickers in each one (cost of doing business) but overall, the attendance and the overall attitude of the people was one that I haven't seen from some of the other mailing companies' invitees.  So, to summarize, I did 3 mailings of 5,500 cards and with each batch of cards I got over 100 responses.

One final aspect that has me a believer in your company Clyde is my ability to actually get in touch withyou. It is refreshing to have a person actually pick their phone up and handle my questions real-time instead of having to play chase, telephone tag, or the hide and seek I played with the former mailing company that I USED to use.  Guess who was always "it" in that game?" Keep up the great work!"

Peter D., NC



"Having just used Seminar Crowds for the first time, I was extremely pleased with the results. You mailed the cards from Iowa on a Friday, and by the following Wednesday both sessions were full and there was even a waiting list!! Prior to Seminar Crowds, I used the fancy but costly wedding style mailers and never received anywhere near a similar response rate. With your service, I was able to mail 50% more invitations and still manage to save hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, the key is that you can spend the same as the expensive invitations, yet send out twice as many! It doesn't seem wise to cut the mailing cost to save several hundred dollars, when the increased mailing size can bring in dozens of additional prospects.

I have not yet completed the second of my seminar sessions, yet I am confident enough in the process that I have already committed to a second series using Seminar Crowds.  Interestingly enough, in talking to the attendees about various types of invitations, the vast majority seemed to like the cards better because they could read them immediately, and they were easy to retain.  Many attendees said that they often just throw out the sealed letters as 'junk mail' without even reading them.

Finally, one of the determinative reasons I used Seminar Crowds is the support you've provided outside your scope of mailing invitations. Both you and your staff have provided me invaluable information about the seminar process itself, including an informative audio CD by Craig Randall. Unlike virtually all other such CDs I've received, Craig's gives detailed instructions on how to increase your appointment ratio and close more sales, and is not simply a "teaser" designed to induce you to purchase an expensive seminar system.  Thanks again."

Stephen K., PA



"I wanted to know, once and for all, if a simple mailer like the one used by Seminar Crowds would work better than the "tried and true" mailer I had been using. Even though my old mailer was expensive, it was effective, and I did not want to take a chance on a poor turn out, so I decided to do a test. I mailed 10,000 with Seminar Crowds and 10,000 with the wedding style invitation I had been using for the same series of seminars. I was very surprised at the results. I had basically the same responses with the Seminar Crowds mailer as with my old mailer."

"Now here is the amazing news -- the Seminar Crowds mailing cost me less than half!  But that isn't all; the Seminar Crowds invitation only brings in the people who directly respond to the mailer, my other company brings in guests with coupons as well, so the actual number of direct respondents was higher with Seminar Crowds at half the cost! After this test I am now sold on the effectiveness of the simple post card mailer that Seminar Crowds provides to my business."

Jeffrey V., NJ



"Thanks to Seminar Crowds and the postcards we have sent, we have had people on a waiting list . . . . waiting for cancellations for our upcoming workshops. We've never experienced such a response and I've been doing workshops for over 8 years!! Thanks again to Seminar Crowds and the time they've spent in counseling us on better use of our dollars."

Bill D. S., WA



"Just a quick note to send all of you a GIGANTIC THANK YOU and big pat on the back for ALL of your work in correcting our last mailing...I smile at how you guys turned lemons into lemonade...without missing a were just quite simply guys are all the definition and example of extraordinary customer service!  You saved the day...and you saved the seminar!'ve got a top notch team at Seminar Crowds....and we appreciate ALL of you and ALL of your efforts!"

Deborah S.



"Clyde, just a note to say thank you for all of your help. I used your mailer in the past and had great success with it. I then moved to a different FMO and they wanted me to use their mailer. I used their mailer and did not get anymore people than I did with yours, but I spent a lot more money. Well, needless to say, I am back using your mailer again and I will continue using yours every month now as I want to write $10 million in production from here on out. Your mailer does work at a fraction of the cost !!!!!!!!!!!"

Thomas H., MO



"Like most Reps. I've tried several different providers of seminar invitations and I must say that Seminar Crowds provides the most "bang for our buck." Not only is their product competitively priced (about 1/2 the cost of one mailing company we first used), but their individual touch (responsiveness to our calls, their suggestions as to what's working best in today's seminar world, etc.) is outstanding! They are great to work with!"

Dennis K., IL



"I mailed fifty-five hundred pieces and my response rate was 2.27%. I had to have a second seminar the following night of the date I set to catch the over-flow. I couldn't be more pleased with the total experience I have had in working with your company. I must say that working with your account manager was a real pleasure. At every point of the process, he was super efficient. It was as if he took ownership of the seminar and he had a personal interest in making sure your part of the process was successful."

Richard H., NC, VA, AL, FL

Updated testimonial March 24th, 2005:

"Because I have a big investment in equipment for my seminars, I try to drive to regional locations when my schedule permits. I continuously listened to Craig's CD on these trips and the first time I used his methods, we made appointments with 100% of the buying units at our seminar.

After implementing his methods, we consistently average a 70% appointment ratio. We felt that the difference in what we were doing (about 50%) will increase our income by $100,000 this year. The Randall Boot Camp was the best program I have attended that actually eliminated the mystery on seminar giving. His breakdown and explanation of seminar mechanics was the best I have seen in the last two years and I have tried to see them all. Actually, it is the best I have seen in 26 years in the financial services business. "

Richard H.



I recently attended the Seminar Crowds/Craig Randall boot camp and I don't know how I am going to see all my appointments; I have over 40 appointments and achieved a 73% appointment ratio at my last seminar!"

A lan V N., MO



"I waited until we had held the first two seminars to respond to your request for a testimonial because I wanted to see the quality of the participants. Were we pleased! Your system has worked well for us and we will be doing business with you in the future. There is no reason to spend big bucks on an expensive invitation when your program is so effective! We had such a good response that we had to add a third session. That is a happy problem. Thanks again."

May M., GA



"My seminars are in Vero Beach, Florida which is inundated with invitations from speakers. I have had outstanding attendance with the mailing system developed by Seminar Crowds and I know that their prices are significantly lower than the competition. Their experience in the seminar business has been extremely helpful to me as I am new to the industry. I doubt that their is another mailing service in the country that can provide the invaluable advice that Seminar Crowds gives to their clients for free!"

Dr. Chris C., FL



"I had 40 attend the seminar out of 44 reservations. I could not be happier with both the results and attendance. I plan to do another in about two months-- as soon as I can work through my 10 appointments. Your service is certainly outstanding and whoever takes the reservation calls did a terrific job. Thanks so very much."

Bob M., TX



"I have saved over $15,000 so far this year on my mailing costs. This allows me to put on more seminars resulting in more appointments. This simple postcard mailer works amazingly well!"

Don S., IN



"I didn't believe this simple postcard could be as good as the more costly workshop invitations. But it is! - I regularly get over a 1.5% response rate, at about half the cost. I know that the quality of my attendees is just as high as anyone in the business."

William H., IA



"I heard about Seminar Crowds but was skeptical that a simple little card could be as effective as the fancy mailers. I was shocked when I had 68 responses with 60 attendees for a two day seminar. I then made the mistake of going back to the fancy mailers and had terrible results. I don't know how this simple little yellow card works, but I am back to using Seminar Crowds and hope to do business with Seminar Crowds for many years to come. I plan to give over 30 seminars next year. I will keep you posted on the results."

Mark T., CA



"We have consistently been experiencing a 1.5% to 2.5% response rate on our Seminar Crowds mailers and the quality of attendees is as good or better than with our previous mailing companies. We have already referred several agents to Seminar Crowds and will continue to do so. We are extremely happy with all aspects of their operation and I personally am available for further reference."

A.H., CA



"I was very happy with the turn-out and results and appreciate your attention and concern with everything going as planned. I would definitely do it again!"

P.S.,  TN



"Each of the six seminars I have conducted using your mailer has produced capacity, or near-capacity crowds.  Because of your service, I have gained many new clients and will attain a new level of production this year.  I could not be more pleased with the quality of service I receive from Seminar Crowds.  I plan to continue using your service as it has proven very beneficial to my business."

D. C.,  East Texas



"I tried another vendor I had used in the past and found my results to be terrible. I greatly appreciate you doing a rush mailing to get my attendance where it needs to be. We will never stray again. We will stick with what works."

Hal H., Fl.



"We have just ordered our 3rd mailing from Seminar Crowds and must say we are very pleased with the results to date. We have tried 2 seminar mailing organizations previously and have had dismal results. Our results on the 2 seminars where we used Seminar Crowds have been exponentially better than the results we have previously received.

We mail 7500 pieces consistently with Seminar Crowds and for our January seminar we had 84 new prospects that represented 50 buying units. Of the 50 buying units, we set 20 appointments at the seminar and 6 have requested appointments later due to scheduling conflicts. To say the least, we are very pleased.

We had 8 first appointments right after the seminar. Of these appointments, 2 had investment assets of $900K plus, 1 with $400K+, 2 with $150k+, 2 with $75K+, and 1 with $10K+. 7 of the 8 have scheduled 2nd appointments and I have 10 1st appointments next week. As you are aware, even the best financial professional cannot be successful unless he/she has prospects to see, and thanks to Seminar Crowds, we have qualified prospects to see!

Thank you Seminar Crowds, your simple mailer produces outstanding results. We have scheduled one seminar each month through the end of the year, and expect similar success due to Seminar Crowds superior mailing and reservations service. And, the Fill-the-Room website is fantastic and makes my staff's job so much easier!!! Again, thanks!"

Joel W., TX



"My first mailing has booked over 100 people, and I still have over a week to go. You have made it simple, and the customer service is fantastic!!  I appreciate the input from you and the staff at seminar crowds.  Also, the Craig Randall CD you sent me is great. It should help to set appointments, and close deals.  I look forward to working with seminar crowds in the future, and will recommend you to others in the organization. Thanks again, and see you at the top!!!" 

James S. NC



"Last month we sent our first seminar mailing with SEMINAR CROWDS! Inc. I was very pleased with the personal and responsive service our company received throughout the mailing process. Furthermore, we were extremely pleased with the overall quality of our attendees. This seminar resulted in a highly improved appointment ratio. I am still running meetings that have come out of this seminar and am expecting to gain a number of new high-quality clients! We are already planning our next seminar mailing with SEMINAR CROWDS! Inc."

Jeffery I.,NE



"I have been in the insurance business for 29 years. I had not done any seminars in the last 10 and wanted to start 2006 off back in the seminar game. I contacted your organization and scheduled a mailing. I was overwhelmed with the response I received. I just completed the second of 2 seminars scheduled and have had to arrange a 3rd because of the response. Your reservation system and web page control are outstanding and I will definitely use you again and recommend your services to anyone interested in doing seminars."

Ted C.



"I have been using your service for approximately one year. Your company and employees (like Nicole) have consistently delivered excellent, timely professional service. Since employing your services, my monthly seminar mailings are virtually “turn-key”. It is a relief to be able to focus on what I do best- and that is servicing my clients. Thank you for a great product and a wonderful staff."




"It has been a pleasure working with Seminar Crowds. I would like to provide a testimonial so that others can benefit from your service as much as I have:

Seminar crowds exceeded my own expectations specifically in the number of attendees we secured at our financial workshops. We averaged a 1.93% response rate with a postcard designed by them. This kind of return is absolutely phenomenal! We had double the attendance we planned for, which is always a nice surprise."




"We were so pleased with your services and ideas. We ordered 10,000 cards and expected our response to be 2 or 3 workshops of 35-40. We try to keep our size to 35 because the very best place we have used with good food will only take about 40 at the maximum. Well, our response was 6 workshops of 45-50. Even then we turned others away. We also had quite a number of people just show up, and because of the limited space had to turn them away. This was the first time in over 4 years we have turned people away because of limited space and too many wanting to attend. Thank you for your help in developing the mailer and the great service of sending it out in a very timely fashion."

J.C., OH



"I came to Seminar Crowds after having had a horrible first experience with seminar invitations through the mail, so needless to say, I was very skeptical. Would their approach net better results? Well, I am very happy to say that not only did Seminar Crowds net better results, they generated outstanding results! For the same price, we were able to mail to twice as many people using the postcard mailer as we had mailed to using the standard envelope mailer and, as a result, we were able to not only fill the room for the two nights we advertised, we actually had to open a third night that we filled as well! Now, I am a true believer… What is even more unbelievable to me is that we only held the seminars a little over a week ago and we’ve already closed business that fully covered the cost of the mailing as well as the cost of all of the dinners for 3 presentations. Seminar Crowds is the best!"

T.V., CA



"In this busy rush around world, we hardly ever take the time to slow down and compliment a good job. But I wanted to take just a moment of my day and let you know how totally impressed I was with the entire handling of my job order that you did. Every step of the way you kept me informed either via email and/or phone calls so that I knew every detail of the job in progress. And with timing being critital on this mailing, your promptness of each detail from the list count to the scrubbing to the proof copy to the billing to the mail drop...all was handled with absolute precision. So I want to say a sincere, Thank You Tanner, for a job done absolutely incredible!!!

Thanks again and have a greeeaaattt day!!! "

B.L., TX



"It has been a pleasure working with Seminar Crowds. I would like to provide a testimonial so that others can benefit from your service as much as I have: Seminar crowds exceeded my own expectations specifically in the number of attendees we secured at our financial workshops. We averaged a 1.93% response rate with a postcard designed by them. This kind of return is absolutely phenomenal! We had double the attendance we planned for, which is always a nice surprise."

J.S., FL



"I was very pleased with my first mailing using Seminar Crowds. I had a nearly 2% response rate to the mailing. This is nearly twice the rate of return I have experienced with other companies, at about half the cost. The ratio of appointments set with attendees was about 60%, which is consistent with what my firm typically experiences. I recommend highly Seminar Crowds for your marketing needs."




"Id like to thank you for the tremendous results that I have gotten with Seminar Crowds. Last year I sent "fancy" wedding style invitations with another company. They said that the wedding style "always" got the better results. Well, I'm thinking that the better results was for their bottom line and not the number of attendees for me - the cost was .75 per invitation.

The basic mailing through the Seminar Crowds - the Post Card has given far superior results. I got a 1.3 response rate. I have had 143 people signed up for 2 seminar dates. The response to the mailing was so great that I had to schedule TWO EXTRA seminar dates for the same mailing! People seem to respond to the "No Frills" mailing much better.

I am very please with not only the results of the invitation but also the excellent service that I have gotten from you and all of the people with whom I have worked at Seminar Crowds.

Thank you again and I look forward to our continued relationship."

R.L., CO



"Finally, after 22 years in the financial services business, I’ve found an effective, highly productive way to get in front of people. Seminar Crowds stands head and shoulders in the industry, with a dynamite reservation system, quick and efficient services, and responsive account specialists. Their simple postcard mailer has repeatedly given me “waiting list” attendance for our seminars. Hats off to a great company and administration. For me, they have put the fun back into selling."

L.T., CA



"I’ve been in the financial services business for over 15 years and have never gotten the results I am getting with my Seminar Crowds postcard mailers! My last mailing advertised 2 dates and they filled up in 2 days! We ended up adding 4 over-flow dates! We had over a 2% response rate and 60% appointment ratio! I have learned from that round of seminars that I connect better to smaller audiences. My meetings are always full. I even had to prop the meeting room doors open to make room for one couple who showed up without reservations! And I ended up with “wait listed” people for my next seminar!"

T.W., AR



"I want to Thank You for the excellent work that you and the Seminar Crowds staff did in making my first Seminar a success. Your overall service and attention to detail was outstanding. I really learned a great deal from the Seminar you offered as well! I will be calling you soon to set-up my next seminar mailing. I have also recommended you to the other Financial Planners in my office. Keep up the great work!!!"

K.G., MO



"I have used Seminar Crowds in now two cities. The price, service from their team and quality of the attendees has been a constant for the past year. My other colleagues in the industry now know who to turn to in this competitive era of seminar cost. You will be happy with your choice.”"

R.F., TX



"I mailed 3800 postcards and had 58 people at my seminar. I have mailed more letter style invitations at times and gotten fewer people while paying about 50% more. Seminar crowds is the place to use."








"Just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know how valuable your service is to my business. My appointment schedule has increased as has my production, all thanks to Seminar Crowds. Your customer service is second to none and my account representive, Nicole Baker, is extemely attentive to all of our needs. Thank you for providing such an excellent source of business. You are a credit to your industry."

J.M., IL



"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN AT Seminar Crowds! Inc.

Dear Nicole…and Nicole’s boss…and everyone on Nicole’s team…and all of the rest of the people at Seminar Crowds!;

I am utterly beside myself with happiness as a result of your fantastic work! Let me explain why… My company holds dinner-seminars for financial planning—for retired people. Two months ago the mailing company I had been using for over 18 months sent a 7,000 piece mailing to the wrong area—about an hour away from the location of the restaurant that was booked (and paid for) for two upcoming seminars. To make matters worse, the mailing company then went out of business. I was suddenly in trouble!

Aside from the $5,000 I had just thrown away on a useless mailing, I was about to lose my deposit at the restaurant, and worst of all—I would lose an entire month’s worth of revenue by not holding my regularly scheduled seminars.

That’s when I began calling other mailing companies and was told repeatedly that there was just not enough time to get the mailing accomplished in time to save the restaurant booking that was already in place. But then I called Seminar Crowds and got to speak with Nicole Baker, who explained that it could be done easily if we got to work right away.

The outcome was fantastic. Nicole worked with me to create (from scratch) a new mail-piece—that turned out to draw in people better than the one I had been using. Then she helped me review the data for the number of prospects I could mail to within a reasonable distance from the venue, even working with me to use selection criteria filters that are not typical—but extremely effective.

My seminars were fully booked in 5.9 days, which is a new record. And, the appointment and closed-business percentages were as good as I had ever experienced.

The results were so good, I used Nicole’s company again—just to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke—and once again got the same outstanding results.

I will happily recommend Seminar Crowds! Inc. to anyone that is looking for fantastic, thorough, efficient, consultative, and economic mailing services.


G.S., CA



I recently stopped spending thousands of dollars with another company, recieving poor results and very poor customer service and switched to Seminar Crowds. I love the service, respect and dedication that I have recieved from Dezi Siler and Suzie Zolo. If you have "had it" with companies that treat you great until they get your money and then act as if they don't know you, call Dezi now!




As I reflect back on the past three years of growing my business I would like to take a moment to let seminar crowds know what a key part they have been in taking my business to the next level. After years of struggling to get in front of qualified individuals I somehow landed to seminar crowds with the referral coming from a marketing organization. I find them to be professional and willing to work around my changing needs. The results I get from their mailers are consistently great. I credit them for a lot of the recent success i have had in taking my business to the next level. Again thank you for everything and I look forward to many more successful seminars. Thanks for keeping the room full of qualified prospects.