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NEW AT REVERSE MORTGAGE CROWDS: Changing times require changing marketing strategies. We now have comprehensive lists of Certified Financial Planners to market to for the Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

To succeed in the reverse world of today you must “Build Your Referral Networks to Ensure Steady Closing”. At Reverse Mortgage Crowds we now have all the means to help you be successful marketing to all your valued referral sources as well as seniors.

Reverse Mortgage Crowds can help you market the Reverse Mortgage to Certified Financial Planners as a retention tool that allows the CFP to earn more from his senior clients over time. This makes the Reverse Mortgage an attractive product for the CFP to make referrals to you for his own benefit as well as his senior clients.

Finally we have new ways of marketing a reverse to seniors as a means of funding their longevity. Retiring Seniors can benefit in so many ways and we can help you let them know how valuable a tool Reverse Mortgages are for Funding Longevity. CALL me today (800) 604-6535 to discuss the multiple strategies we have developed for Your Referral Networks to Ensure Steady Closing and Communicating the Real Long Term Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage to Seniors.

Toll-Free Direct Line: 800-604-6535
Fax: 641-209-3953